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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

How do I connect to my bank?

  1. Open Connection Screen in Teenit app
  2. Your parent or guardian, who manages your bank account, scans the QR code on their phone. That opens a page with authorization steps:
    1. Choose your bank and fill in the security code provided in the Connection Screen in Teenit (4 characters under QR code) and press Submit.
    2. You will be redirected to our secure data provider - Nordigen (app versions 2.0.0 and higher) or to Tink (app versions prior to 2.0.0). Follow the authorization steps - choose the bank and follow your bank's procedure.
  3. Once your parent or guardian is done with all authorization steps, press Connect button on the Connection Page.
Please check out the following video for an overview of the process:

How can my parent scan the QR code on their phone?

Simply open a camera on the phone and point it at the QR code without taking picture. Once it recognizes the page address it will give you a possibility to take action to open the page (for example via banner on Android or floating address on iOS).

I'm under 18. Can I authorize connection to the bank without my parents?

Legally, banks cannot allow authorization for access to data of customers below 18 years old without parent's or guardian's consent. This means that authorization has to be explicitly given by your parent or guardian. Teenit's connection process is designed specifically to make it as easy as possible and let you take advantage of your own bank data.

I'm 18 or over. Can I use Teenit?

Teenit has been designed with teenagers between 12 and 18 in mind. All functionality and educational content is therefore made for those age groups. If you find the Teenit's idea appealing and want to try it out, please contact us at or message us directly via instagram It may take up to 48h for us to respond.

I have more questions I don't find answers to in this page.

In case you have more questions, please contact us at or message us directly via instagram It may take up to 48h for us to respond.

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